All Schools: In-class Learning Suspended / Soft Beginnings starting Monday, March 30th.

Teachers will be contacting students and families during the week to check up and say 'hi'. Stay Healthy. 

School Staff


Name Position Email
Tamara Malloff Principal - LVRogers Secondary
Jordon Konken Vice-Principal (A-L)
Ron Sherman Vice-Principal (M-Z)


Name Position Email
Jesse Halton Aboriginal Education Teacher
Angie McTague AP Physics, General Sciences ​
Laurryn Asbell Art
Jake Middleditch Autotech & Mechanics, English 9, Social Studies 9-10
Greg Munby Biology
Patti Nazaroff Cafeteria & Foods ​​
Stephen Finucan Career Ed. / English
Karl Machado Career Life Connections ​
Sherry-Lynn McGregor Chemistry
Heather Hogarth CLE, Social Studies
Lori Jones Computer Science, Media Arts
Jonathan Brooks Earth Science, Learning Support
Mike Roch Earth Science, Learning Support
Kerri MacDonald English 10-12, Bridging English ​
Emily Browning English 9, 10
Jaime Lord English 9-10 ​
Kari Kroker English, AP English ​
Robyn Sheppard English, Theatre & Dramatic Arts ​
Jennifer MacMillan FHCE9, Dance & Dance Academy ​
Christine McGee-Boyes Foods & Nutrition
Heather Keczan Foods, CLE
Danielle Labonte French Immersion
Sasha Kitch French Immersion, Career Virtuelle 10, Sciences Humaines ​
Kim Horrocks French Immersion, Spanish ​
Simon Liddell General Sciences
Carla Wilson General Sciences (French Immersion), Foods & Nutrition 9-12
Graeme Marshall Guitar, Mountain Biking, Social Studies, ATLAS
Gary Schmidt History, Social Studies, Psychology ​
Kristina Lidstone Law, Social Studies
Melanie Mobbs Learning Assistance Teacher
Olivia Castiglione Mathematics
Hans Davina Mathematics
Chris Parenteau Mathematics
Mike Vissers Mathematics
Phoenix Wraith Mathematics
Justin Ratzburg Music
Jacquelyn Zelt PE / Fitness and Conditioning
Jeremy McComb PE, Athletic Director
Sheri Morrison PE, Recreation Leadership
Jennifer Kidd PE, Volleyball Academy, CE9, CLC12/Capstone
Travis Sherstobitoff REACH Alternate Program
Caleb Morton Sciences
Ryan MacKinnon Social Studies
Raycene Hudec Social Studies 10-11, Law
Lindsay Kosheiff Social Studies 9, 10
Shari-Lynn Longson Social Studies 9, HCE 9
Tamara Martin Teacher-Librarian, IDS Teacher ​
Arran Wilkin Technology Ed
Shelly Wiltshire Textiles


Name Position Email
Shelley Wiltshire Counselling (Student's Last Name A-L)
Karl Machado Counselling (Student's Last Name M-Z)

Support Staff:

Name Position Email
Toni Appleby Aboriginal Youth & Family Worker
Sue Lakeman Clerical Support ​
Julia Shalman Clerical Support ​
Julianne Ollenberger Clerical Support, Student Absences
Cindy Hartman Educational Assistant
Shannon May Educational Assistant
Ryan Oliver Educational Assistant
Erin Quigley Educational Assistant
Kathy Reiner Educational Assistant
Cindy Sand-Eveland Educational Assistant
Liane Studer Educational Assistant
Christophe Valls Educational Assistant (French Immersion)
Robin Sheppard Family Youth Worker Gr 11/12
Kathy Centrone Family Youth Worker Gr 9/10
Karee-Ann Stuart Family Youth Workers - REACH
Tanis Bourchier International Program Assistant ​