Term 8 Entry/Exit Door Instructions

The E8 Plan (Wednesday, May 26th 2021 – Thursday, June 24th, 2021)

  • Remain with our current structure of “1 in 5” for E8
  • Student Support Block at the discretion of the class teacher (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 2:50-3:20)

To minimize traffic in any one area, students have been assigned a designated Entry/Exit door for their delegated learning group. Learning Groups and corresponding alphabetical letters are below.

To find your learning group and Entry/Exit Door:

  • Look for the course you are enrolled in for Term 8 on your schedule (Teacher and room number is also provided)
  • Note the assigned Learning Group ‘Letter’ of the alphabet in the table below
  • Reference attached School Map with colour coded marked Entry/Exit Doors

(If you have not received your schedule or do not know which door to proceed to on the first day, please contact the office 250-352-5538.)

When you arrive at the school:

  • Please wear your mask.
  • Proceed to your designated Entry/Exit Door
  • Wait for your teacher to meet you to take you to your classroom.

Learning Group

E8 Courses (Teacher Name & Room Number)

Map Colour

Entry/Exit Description


Socials  10 (R. MacKinnon – Room 207)

Careers 9 (E.Browning – Room 209)

Socials 9 (J. Middleditch – Room 211)


Main Front Entrance near office

***During Graduation Ceremonies, learning Group A will use the entrance
between the Commerce building and the main building.


Math 12 (H.Davina – Room 313)

Mathematiques 9 (M. Vissers - Room 315)

Pre-Calc 11 (C.Parenteau - Room 319)


Courtyard side doors into side stairwell

near gate

***During Graduation Ceremonies, Learning Group B will use the Art entance.


PE 10 (R. Hudec – Gym)

PE 10 (J. McComb - Gym)

Dance 10/11/12 (J. MacMillan - Theatre Room 226)


Rear gym doors behind school


Theatre door ***Use gym doors during Graduation Ceremonies


Math 9 (C. Burke – Room 300)

Foods (C. McGee-Boyes - Room 201)

Culinary Arts 11/12 (P. Nazaroff - Canteen Room 206)

Life Sciences 11 (G. Munby - Room 301)

Teal Rear door at back of textiles room

Science 9 (C. Morton - Room 302)

Physics 11 (A. McTague – Room 306)

Chemistry 12 (S. McGregor – Room 307)

Lit 11 (K.Kroker - Room 309)

Purple Rear stairwell doors close to cafeteria

Carpentry 11/12 (A. Wilkin – Room 400)

Photography 10 (J.Zelt - Room 404)

Art 9/10 (L.Asbell/A.Sparks - Room 115)

Spanish 9 (K.Horrocks - Room 014 *Use classroom exterior door)


Classroom door near greenhouse


Classroom door near greenhouse

Art door near flagpole


Classroom Exterior doors


English 10 Lit/Comp (D. Parnell - Room 102)

Socials 11 (S. Finucan - Room 103)

Education a la Carriere 9 (S. Kitch- Room 106)

Psychology 11 (E. Mather - Room 105)

Light Green Stairway entrance between main building and commerce building

ATLAS (G. Marshall - Portable)


Portable exterior door

Please Note:

LVR is running “one in five” schedule, where students take one course with one teacher every five and a half weeks. Designated Entry/Exit doors may change with each Term.

Current until: Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Posted: Tuesday, May 25th, 2021