LV Rogers Cap and Gown Ceremony 2019

Information for Parents/Guardians and Graduates of 2019

About the Graduation Ceremony

Our LV Rogers Graduation 2019 Ceremony, also known as the Cap and Gown Ceremony, or Convocation, is the official event recognizing students who are eligible to graduate. This year, we have 155 students who will walk the stage to receive their diploma—they will also be the first class on the new 2018 Graduation program. Many of our students will also be scholarship and bursary recipients; last year there were $175,000 in disbursements thanks to our community sponsors. We look  forward  to  seeing our community out on Friday, June 14th to celebrate the achievements of this amazing, diverse class!


What to Expect on Friday, June 14th

Q: What happens at the Graduation Ceremony? A: Eligible graduates, in caps and gowns, arrive in a processional walk and are seated. The program includes speeches from dignitaries, the presentations of graduates and scholarships, and the Principal’s and   Valedictorian’s address.  Ruedi Kelsch will be representing the Class of 2019 in the Valedictorian address this year.


Q: What are the “Say Somethings?”

A: As graduates cross the stage, a brief statement known as a “Say Something” will be read acknowledging the graduate’s thanks and future plans. (Graduates, please complete yours here online) by June 7th.


Q: “When Should I Arrive?”

A: Graduates are expected to arrive by 6:15 pm to the NDCC change rooms to don their cap and gown. General public, guests and dignitaries should arrive by 6:30 pm in order to ensure seating. Programs will be available at the door. Scholarship/Bursary presenters will be seated on stage, and will collect their envelopes at the scholarship table. Please note that students are representing families, community, and LV Rogers, and any breach of conduct will result in removal from the premises.