LVR Parent Satisfaction Survey 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,


The Provincial Satisfaction (Student Learning) Survey gathers information from parents, teachers and students on topics related to school environment, safety, and achievement. The information is used for planning in individual schools and provides a standardized district and provincial perspective.

The Satisfaction (Student Learning) Survey will be administered to students in grades 10 and 12, all parents, and all school staff. We highly encourage parents to participate in this survey, as the results are important in identifying and celebrating current strengths, as well as determining where the school needs to focus improvement. The surveys contain standard questions for the province – in addition, questions from the school and/or district that focus on local conditions or issues may be included. Please see attached LV Rogers School Growth Plan and summary of initiatives.


The parent survey can be completed electronically and can be accessed on the Internet by cutting and pasting the following link:

Please ensure to scroll down to the “Parents” section and complete the “Direct Access” section on the right hand side (no logon number is required). Any computer with an Internet connection can be used, and access to the e-survey is simple and secure.

All that is required is the district number (SD8 Kootenay Lake) and the name of the school (LV Rogers). Select language of preference and click “Log On”. The survey will appear for you to complete.

The e-survey site will be open until Friday May 3, 2019. It will take about 15+ minutes to complete.

NOTE: If you are a parent/guardian of a student in Grade 10 or 12, kindly remind your child to complete the survey as well. We will send the information electronically, as well as in-school from April 29-30th.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office at 250-352-5538.



Tamara Malloff