Positivity in the Washrooms

Washroom Murals Support Positivity & Diversity

​We were noticing something going on in the upstairs girls' washroom at LV Rogers. There was lots of graffiti--some positive, but much of it negative. There were a couple of things we could do: keep painting the stalls a rose colour and hoping the graffiti would subside, or close the washroom until someone came forward letting us know who the artist was. Neither are great options for obvious reasons.

Our SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance) student group came forward with a novel idea: why not paint murals in the stalls that showed acceptance, positivity, and provided a beautiful background that students could admire, rather than mark up?

They worked closely with several teachers and community members: Ms. Lord, Ms. Jones, Mr. Peil, Mr. Prentice, Mandy from Freedom Quest, and Sarah from Nelson District Youth Centre to plan and orchestrate the murals. They connected with our LV Rogers administrative team, and with our District Maintenance Department as well. After a long day's work on a Friday (during Spring Break, no less!), the murals were completed. And they were beautiful!

A final touch was positive messages such as "you are beautiful," "you are a hero," "don't ever give up" on the mirrors in grease chalk.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and students have appreciated the thoughtfulness and messages that support body positivity and inclusiveness.

Many thanks to everyone for making LV Rogers a wonderful school community!

Tamara Malloff,