Frequently Asked Questions

My Child is Sick or Has an Accident at School. What Happens?

Except in cases of emergency, students who become ill or who have suffered a minor injury at school will be cared for at the school. Parents will be contacted when illness/injury necessitates the student to miss class or when medical attention is required. Where there is an immediate concern for a student's health, the school will summon an ambulance or take the student immediately to the hospital. In emergency cases only, parents will be contacted while the student is transported to the hospital.

Each year, students will be asked to provide the office with updated health information, including name(s) of doctor(s), dentist(s), and any health concerns (e.g. allergies). Medications are not administered to students by school staff, unless a health protocol has been determined.
Members of school athletic teams are advised to have a routine medical examination at the start of each season. Coaches or administrators may require a medical examination prior to participation.

​If a student is ill and needs to sign out, the Office will contact the parents/guardians for students in Grades 9/10. If the student is feeling ill, he/she will be directed to the Medical Room for temporary respite until a parent/guardian is able to arrive and take the student home.

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What is LVR's Attendance Policy?

LVR encourages regular attendance and punctuality for all students. Attendance is taken electronically and posted to the Office on a daily basis. Students who are late or must leave school for a valid reason (medical, dental, family, field trip, extra-curricular, community event, or personal illness ) must provide a note to the Office or receive approval from Administration. If a student is absent without an excused reason, an email is generated and sent home to parents/guardians. Students who do not attend may be at risk of losing their seat in a face to face course, or may risk Graduation if course learning outcomes aren't met. Teachers will contact parents if there is an issue; school Administration will follow up if there is a persistent problem, including putting a plan in place for attendance, or an alternative learning program.

LVR Attendance Policy

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