LVR Graduation

LV Rogers Cap and Gown

LV Rogers Secondary School Cap and Gown Ceremony will take place on Friday, June 12th, 2020 at 7 pm at the NDCC (Nelson District Civic Centre). This traditional formal community ceremony will see parents/guardians, extended family, community, and scholarship donors in attendance. There is no admission fee, and is general seating. Graduates are to arrive by 6:20 pm to dress for Cap and Gown and line up. Students are expected to be at their best and respectful to the community that has come to celebrate with them at this formal event.

Only students who are in a position to graduate as of May long weekend will be eligible to participate.

Please note: completion of any distributed learning (online) courses by that time is essential -- especially graduation requirements (PE10, Planning 10, Graduation Transitions).

Students will be piped in as part of the processional, and will be seated. Once guests and dignitaries are announced, graduates will be called to the stage in alphabetical order to receive their diplomas in folders, including any scholarships/bursaries. Their "Say Somethings" will be announced at that time, and they will be led to the photography booth for a photo.

We are proud of our Cap and Gown Ceremony, as it is truly a community event, and look forward to celebrating with our graduates!



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The LV Rogers Secondary Valedictorian is chosen amongst peers, and vetted by administration. The role of valedictorian is to represent our school community, be in good academic standing, attendance, and character. Eligibility for Valedictorian begins in late April.

Say Somethings

Say Somethings are an LV Rogers tradition. They are submitted by the student, and indicate in one or two brief lines, what their hope is for the future, what they plan to do, or who they wish to thank. Say Somethings are read during the Cap and Gown Ceremonies as students cross the stage. Administration will vett the Say Somethings for appropriate content and humour.

The LVR Grad Website will be updated as soon as the Grad 2020 Parent committee has been set.  Please stay tuned for details.