Library Staff

Tamara Martin, Teacher Librarian

Julie Ollenberger, Clerical

How to access the library, 2020-2021

Welcome back to the LVR Library!  Due to the Covid situation, the Library has to work differently this year, but we are working hard to help make your year a great one!  
How can I get help or information about the Library?

  • Talk to Ms. Martin (Librarian) or Julie Ollenberger (Library Clerk) in the Library.
  • Go to the Library website: to access the Library catalogue, databases, encyclopedias, and much more.
  • E-mail questions to or call my phone extension (5400).

 What should I do to keep everyone in the Library safe?

  • Wear a mask at all times (this is a common space).
  • Sanitize your hands on the way in and out.
  • Sign in with your first & last name & which classroom you've come from (ie: room 307).
  • Vinyl gloves are available if you wish to handle books.
  • Socially distance yourself from all other students and staff (unless you are with a cohorted class). 
  • If you handle any Library book or resource, please place it on the bin "quarantine", not back on the shelf.
  • If you are working in the library, when you leave please clean your table and chair (the plastic parts) with the provided paper towel & table sanitizer. 
  • Chromebooks, desktop computers, keyboards, & mice need to be wiped down with the provided alcohol wipes.

What can I do in the Library?

  • Look for and sign out a book or pick up a book that you have on hold.
  • Use a computer ( stations) for coursework with prior permission from myself (and your teacher).
  • Use the library as a quiet space to work with prior permission from myself (and your teacher).  
  • Unfortunately, due to space limitations, the Library is not to be used for socializing or independent activity (e.g. silent reading or study without a teacher). 
  • Thank you for not eating in the Library.

 How can I access Library books?

  • Visit the library, ask permission to enter & look in the Fiction, ELL, Graphic Novel, audiobooks and popular Non-Fiction sections for books.
  • If you want a Reference book, ask Library staff for help.
  • If your teacher is ordering a reading cart for your classroom, you can request a book through your teacher.
  • Access e-books and audio-books (streamed) through the on-line Library catalogue. 

How can I access other Library resources?

  • Ask Library staff for help with 3D printing.
  • Unfortunately, the Maker Space and its materials are not available at this time.

How long can I take a book out for?

  • The loan period for books is three weeks.  You can renew your book without bringing the book in; just let us know you want a renewal.

How do I return books to the Library?

  • Place books in the library drop box or at the main office. 


If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to connect with us.  Thank you for keeping our community safe & healthy!