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LVR Green Team and Recycling Program

The LVR Recycling Program has been in full swing since Spring of 2022 thanks to the help of the LVR Green Team - a group of students, chaired by grade 12 student Sierra Burjaw, who are passionate about recycling and helping to facilitate this at our school. 

Beginning during the 22/23 school year, administration met with SD8 maintenance about how we can most effectively work together to provide paper recycling at LVR. 

The LVR Green team was then developed, where students collect and bag all paper recycling from the recycling bins in classrooms.

All bagged recycling then goes to the "Recycling Room" at LVR, where it is picked up by SD8 Maintenance and Operations.  

We appreciate that our students are keen to take on this leadership role within the school and that SD8 maintenance has been so wonderful in accommodating prompt pick up of bags!

The LVR Green Team is a proud member of the West Kootenay Climate Hub (WKCH), as one of 23 partner organizations. As a partner of the WKCH, we support the efforts of the hub and work together to amplify out efforts towards recycling and other "Green" initiatives. 

For more information on the SD8 recycling program, see the following link:



LVR Students who are part of the Green Team