SD8 Educational Leadership Changes for 2022/2023 School Year

December 14, 2022

When staff and students return to school in the new year, SD8 will make a couple of school leader shifts. I am very thankful for our talented group of educators and the possibilities to come!

L.V. Rogers Secondary School

Dan Rude will become the principal of L.V. Rogers Secondary on February 1, 2023, to align with the new semester.

Dan is currently the principal of South Nelson Elementary and has been there for 3 years. Before that he was a principal in Kaslo for 5 years and Crawford Bay for 6 years. Dan is a trained secondary math and science teacher and has been in the district for 17 years. Dan has a passion for school leadership and compassionate systems - and is continually deepening his learning about trauma-informed relationships and building resilience.  He is looking forward to working with staff and students at LVR for a long tenure! Dan will be a wonderful addition to an already amazing L.V. Rogers Secondary School team. Congratulations Dan!

Many thanks to Interim Principal/District Principal Tamara Malloff who has capably guided LVR this past semester. Tamara will return to her current role as District Principal of Innovative Learning and staff are excited to welcome her back.  

South Nelson Elementary School

Jann Schmidt will become the principal of South Nelson Elementary starting February 1.

Jann Schmidt is currently the District Principal of International Education and has been in this position for over 3 years. Prior to this Jann was the principal Salmo Elementary-Secondary School for 1 year, an elementary principal in for Vancouver 5 years, and a principal at Redfish and Rosemont Elementary Schools. Jann has been working in SD8 for 27 years in a variety of schools. As a successful elementary principal for over 10 years and a district principal for over 3, Jann has enormous passion and skills to bring to her new position at South Nelson Elementary School. Her focus on inclusion, collaboration, and inquiry will add to the great work already occurring at South Nelson Elementary School. Congratulations Jann! 

International Education

Paul Luck will become the District Principal of International Education, transitioning to that position beginning in January.

Paul has been a principal of Trafalgar Middle School and L.V. Rogers Secondary School for over 4 years. Prior to this he was a vice principal, counsellor, and teacher in the district for 32 years. Paul is an innovative and compassionate educator and his passion for serving students and supporting international students will be a boon to the International Education program. Congratulations Paul!

Happy holidays to all our educational leaders, staff, students and families!

Superintendent Trish Smillie