Winter weather alternate bus routes - Nelson Area

November 16th 2021

Winter is approaching! 

In preparation for this, School District 8 has identified some areas within the district where, due to grade and topography, the service by a school bus during events of severe winter weather would place students and staff at an unacceptable level of risk. Below are some pre-determined alternate school bus stop locations and pick up or drop off times, in case of a severe winter event in the Nelson Area.

For all students living on Longbeach Road:

  • The morning stop location for Route 19 – Shark
    • 7:33 AM - North Bound-Hwy 3A and Upper Longbeach Road North; (students to stand at the bottom of Upper Longbeach Road and cross the highway with the bus lights and stop arm).
  • The afternoon stop location for Route 16 – Moose (Redfish Students)
    • 2:13 PM - Hwy 3A and Longbeach Road North
  • The afternoon stop location for Route 18 – Octopus (Trafalgar & LVR Students)
    • 4:22 PM - Hwy 3A and Upper Longbeach Road North

For students living in the 49th Creek & Marello Road area:

  • The morning bus stop for Route 22 - Giraffe
    • 7:40 AM – Blewett Rd & Carlson Rd.
  • The afternoon stop location for Route 22 – Giraffe (Blewett Students)
    • 2:44 PM – Blewett Rd & Carlson Rd
  • The afternoon stop location for Route 22 – Giraffe (Trafalgar & LVR Students)
    • 4:02 PM – Blewett Rd & Carlson Rd 

Any changes to regular bus routes will be posted on the following:

  • Announcements on the SD8 District website
  • Announcements on the affected school website
  • District Twitter
  • District Facebook
  • Schoolkit Hub app on your cell phone. Subscribe today

If you require further assistance, please contact the School District No. 8 NelsonTransportation Department at 250-354-4871