School Restart FAQs

Thank you for your inquiries around the school start up plan. We are working diligently to answer all the questions that have been submitted. Please return back to this FAQ list for regular updated information. To submit a question: 

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What does a closed campus mean?

Students remain on school premises all day. 

Can kids leave to go home for lunch?

Students need to bring a lunch to school each day, and all materials they will need throughout the day. 

If a student must leave the campus for an appointment, or other excused absence, what is the protocol?

Students must sign out with their teacher.

Do Student Schedules from June still stand?


What if a student needs to make changes to their schedule?

Please email us directly with either contact info or the details of the changes you'd like. Please put "course change" in the subject line.

for students surname A-L:  

for students surname M-Z:

How will assessment and reporting work?

Teachers will assess student learning and communicate course completion to administration and families at the end of each five week term.

What if a parent wants to visit the school?

Access during school hours is prioritized to those entering to support activities that benefit student learning and wellbeing. A Parent/Guardian/Guest MUST: · Make an appointment with the school Principal before entering the building. · Wear a mask while in the building. · Immediately report to the school office and sign-in with the secretary. · Complete the Stage 2 Health Questionnaire and wash or sanitize hands.

How will protocols affect programs like Atlas?

Programs such as ATLAS will continue to operate, following Youth Safe Outdoors protocols. 

How do kids catch up, if sick for multiple days in a row?

Students will need to connect with their teacher for missed homework or assignments. 

How are breaks and lunch divided?

Breaks and Lunch will be by designated entry/exit location sites. Learning groups will have designated outdoor break locations (on school grounds). 

How does the new schedule work?

The new schedule will reflect the old schedule's block rotation. For example: Term 1 = Block or Period 1, semester 1

Term 1: September 14 - October 15 Semester 1 Period 1
Term 2: October 16 - November 18  Semester 1 Period 2
Term 3: November 19 - December 18  Semester 1 Period 3
Term 4: January 4 - February 2 Semester 1 Period 4

Where do students go when they arrive at the school?

Designated Entry/Exit door instructions are now available: Learn More







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