Equity at LVR

LVR is committed to all students having access to educational support and removing barriers.  All forms that are sent home requesting fees have the following at the bottom of the form: “If this is a financial hardship for your family, contact Mr. Luck.” This support also extends to food equity. 

Students can approach any staff member to let them know they need access to our food equity support at school. This information is then directed to LVR vice principal, Ms. Klassen, to follow up with parents and inform them of the food equity program. Parents also have the option of contacting Mr. Luck to have their child access this food equity support system. A number of parents this year have taken advantage of this. 

LVR uses a program called Munch-a-Lunch, which is our online system for ordering food through our school cafeteria. All students and families who choose to purchase lunch, use this particular program. The LVR Food Equity Program is run through the Munch-a-Lunch system.  The school enters the breakfast/lunch menu selected by the supported student. Students then pick up their breakfast/lunch order, just as any other student in the school would. This maintains confidentiality and anonymity for the student.  Don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Luck if you need this support.

The food equity program at LVR is supported by funding provided by the Ministry of Education, and it is a requirement that these funds be spent on students in need. Ms. Nazaroff does an amazing job of preparing healthy home cooked meals for our students!