The Landing at LV Rogers

Lunch Order

We have changed our lunch program at LVR!

LV Rogers Secondary School Hot Lunch Program (Monday-Thursday only)

Please pack a lunch for your student on Fridays!

Our term 2 lunch order is now online and ready for ordering!  For term 2, you must make sure you re-assign your student to their new class.  Click on the “My Family” tab at the top, and then click “My children”.  When your child/children appear, click “edit” and change the classroom where their lunch will be delivered.

Term 2 will be OPEN October 6th until October 15th at 3:30 for cash or cheque orders, or  at midnight Friday October 16th for orders made through

Due the Ministry of Health Covid 19 Protocols, we are not allowed to operate our Cafeteria on demand as usual. Because we have now become a closed campus, if your student would like a school prepared lunch, we are required to go to a fully pre-ordered system.

You must pre-order all food you want for the entire term. No “day of” or weekly ordering will be allowed. All food ordered will be delivered to your student’s classroom.

All food is prepared in the school, by the Catering student classes under the supervision of Ms. Patty Nazaroff, Catering Program teacher. Lunch orders will run for each term, and will be delivered to your student’s classroom.

Our ordering system is going GREEN! If you want to order a lunch for your student, you must place the order online here: 

You will need to register in the system before you can place an order. Instructions are below.

If you have more than one student in the school, you must ensure they are added to the correct classroom so their lunch can be delivered correctly. If you have previously used MunchaLunch at a different school, you can login with your old school username and password, and click the “switch schools” tab. You can search for LVR and assign your student to our school.

Please remember to assign your student to their new classroom. No paper orders will be accepted. Each lunch session will run with the same dates as the terms (1-8) and you must ensure you change your student’s teacher and class before you order for each session, in order for the Catering class to know where to deliver food.

There will be no credits or refunds issued for missed lunches, as the food will be prepared and delivered whether your child is in attendance or not. You can pay a number of ways:


Or: Students can pay with cash or cheque. Please put your cash or cheque (made payable to LV Rogers) in a small bag and your student’s name and “lunch order” on a note. Students pay their teacher in their term class. Students DO NOT pay in the office with cash or cheques.

Or: Students or parents can come to the office and pay with a debit or credit card at the front office window. If a student needs to pay with a debit card, students must ask the teacher for a hall pass so they can come to the office to pay at the in-school terminal. If parents need to make a payment in person, please call 250-352-5538 and arrange a time to come in to make your payment in person. All non-students are required to sign in, sanitize their hands and wear a mask upon entry to the school.



1.  Go to

2. Click the "register here" button.  The system will guide you through the process

3.  After adding your children, click the green "Order Lunch" button to order

4.  Next time, just click the "Login here" button to access your account


Term 2 online ordering will be OPEN from October 6th until October 15th at 3:30 for cash or cheque orders, or October 16th at midnight for orders made through

No food without payment.  Any orders made online but not paid for by the deadline will be cancelled.

No credits or refunds will be issued if your child is absent.  

Please check that your order will be going to the proper classroom/teacher.  Orders will be delivered to the classroom.

If you need assistance with ordering please contact Susan Lakeman at

If you have questions regarding food menu ingredients, please contact Ms. Nazaroff at