All Schools: In-class Learning Suspended / Soft Beginnings starting Monday, March 30th.

Teachers will be contacting students and families during the week to check up and say 'hi'. Stay Healthy. 

What you need to know about course selection at LVR

Course Selection

​Step 1: Grade 11 and 12's, complete/review your MyBluePrint surveys to identify your interests, skills, learning styles and needs.

Step 2: Research all of the courses and programs available to you, there are a number of pathway opportunities to meet most students interests and needs. To help you with this, please review our Course Selection Guides for Grade 9 and for Grades 10-12.

Step 3: Discuss with your guidance counsellors, teachers and parents for appropriate course and program selection.

Step 4: Review the requirements for your specific program and grade, to ensure graduation requirements are met. Grade 10-12 students will find them here.

​Step 5: Print a course selection form, and for Grade 8 students, have your parent/guardian sign it before completing the online portion.

Step 6: Grade 10-11's, please use the MyEducationBC Online Course Selection tool to make your preliminary and secondary requests--remember to post once you're done! Instructions are found here. Grade 8's coming to Grade 9 will complete a different online course selection process--instructions are here.

Step 6: Current Grade 9-11 students will be able to access their preliminary course selection confirmation online via MyEducationBC.

*Please note: Course availability may change after the course selection process and guidance counsellors will work with students to find suitable alternatives.