Grade 10-12 Course Selection 2020-21

Learn more about the courses you'll need and the ones you'll choose on your graduation pathway.

Now that you're clear on the courses you'll need to graduate, go ahead an plan for your next year.

Use the LVR Course Selection Form to plan, then complete your course selection online. Once you've completed the online course selection process, you'll need to post your requests to MyEdBC so that Counsellors are able to see them. We'd like your timetable confirmed by end of June.

Course Selection Assemblies:

  • March 3rd : Grade 10 (into 11)  (P1)
  • March 3rd: Grade 11 (into 12)  (P1)

Parent Course Selection Information Nights:

  • March 3rd, 7 pm at LVR (Parents of Gr 9, 10, and 11 students)

Grade 10-12 course selection for current grade 9-12 students will take place the week of March 4-6th and Grade 11's on Wednesday, March 11th in the afternoon block.

See bottom of page for 2020-21 Gradee 10-12 Course Selection Guidebook and Course Selection Forms.

​LV Rogers Program Orientations: STEM, Humanities/Liberal Arts, Fine Arts, Trades & Careers, and Outdoor Recreation & Health.

​These orientations are guideposts to your three year graduation plan, pathways to Career Education & Capstone, and align with scholarship opportunities. They are interdisciplinary and flexible, but do provide some structure for making post-secondary decisions. See below for descriptions.


Science, Tech, Engineering & Math (STEM)

You have a very good idea of where you're headed, and why. You're applying for scholarships, and to colleges and universities. You've prepared a plan to do this, and your LVR courses reflect your high achievement. Advanced Placement Physics, Chemistry, senior level ICT courses are just some of the program options. Extra-curricular and volunteer/community leadership are part of your portfolio.

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Trades, Careers, & Workplace Pathway

You're suited for hands-on learning, whether it's automotive, cooking, hairdressing, or technology. You're ready for trades certification, likely through the Youth Train in Trades (YTT)Selkirk Program, with dual credits for both LVR and Selkirk. You have a practical streak, and are ready to make your life happen. Auto Tech, Woodshop, Cafeteria, and Trades Sampler are some of the courses you are interested in.

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Outdoor, Recreation, & Health Pathway

You crave being in the outdoors, and being physically fit and active. You are a team player, and a leader. You're ready for college or university programs in Sports & Recreation, Kinesiology, or Resort Management, as possibilities. LVR program choices may include ATLAS, Recreational Leadership, PE, or any of the following programs: Rugby, Volleyball, or Mountain Biking. Your portfolio includes extra-curricular, community, or competitive sports events.

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Libreral Arts & Humanities

You're exploring your options, and finding your way while making the world a better place. Whether through Advanced Placement English, Law, Comparative Cultures, Psychology, French Immersion, Languages or other courses, you're likely to leave your mark on the world. Expressive through the Arts or Humanities, you'll be poised for college or university. You have a rich portfolio of experiences such as Ambassador's Club, Theatre, or Intercultural Certification to add to the mix as you apply for scholarships and bursaries.

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Fine Arts Pathway

You enjoy being creative and technical in your expression. The fine arts are a draw for you: music, dance, painting, sculpture, graphic design. You will likely go on to a fine arts college or university, and pursue a degree in the Fine Arts.