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LV Rogers Planning Day

LV Rogers School Planning Day took place on Friday, September 23 ( Thank you to our School L eadership Team Mel Mobbs, Sasha Kitch, Arran Wilkin, Shelley Wiltshire, and Jesse Halton) for their support in making the day about collaborative, student focused conversations in the areas of numeracy, literacy, and school connectedness. Staff did a gallery walk in which they initialed names by students they knew and determined what they did (or did not yet) know about students in terms of numeracy literacy, and connections. We gathered to report out about what we knew, what we didn't know, and what else we did need to know. In the afternoon, we took a look at various data sets including: Student Learning Surveys, Graduation Numeracy Assessments Graduation Literacy Assessments, and report card marks. We also reviewed some school data on transitions, post secondary, indigenous learners, inclusion learners, and revisited the SAGA survey put together by students in the SAGA group at LVR.
The outcome is to craft strategies and action plans around improving numeracy proficiency, literacy
proficiency, and school culture and connectedness all with the goal of improving stud ent learning.
Posters of the conversation are located in the Office. Next steps are for the leadership team to gather
and pull together some of the evidence and conversation to craft general strategies and action plan
for staff review. We will also be including student leaders from various groups (Student Council, Rec
Leadership,  SAGA, Aboriginal Education, etc.) to review and provide input. Parents/ guardians will
also be invited to provide input via surveys.