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High School Sports Return!

SD8 student athletes happy to be back on the courts

The suspension of sports in BC last year took affected student athletes and coaches in our district, with BC high school sports halting the play of all sports in the province due to the pandemic. However, with the return of some of the traditional sports this fall, we now have SD8 students, teachers, staff and parents all cheering.


Doors open at Kootenay River Secondary School in Creston

SD8 Board approves permanent name change for secondary school

At the December 7th, SD8 Board meeting, a motion to permanently change the name of the secondary school in Creston was unanimously passed. The school is now officially named the Kootenay River Secondary School.  

“A new name is necessary for a new start” said Principal Brian Hamm, who has been working together this year with a group of educators to find an inclusive name for the school, one that bestows the spirit of reconciliation.


Winter weather alternate bus routes - Nelson Area

Winter is approaching! 

In preparation for this, School District 8 has identified some areas within the district where, due to grade and topography, the service by a school bus during events of severe winter weather would place students and staff at an unacceptable level of risk. Below are some pre-determined alternate school bus stop locations and pick up or drop off times, in case of a severe winter event in the Nelson Area.

For all students living on Longbeach Road:


A Holiday to both Give and Receive

SD8 students collect food donations at Halloween

Students from several SD8 Kootenay Lake school district schools supported the Halloween for Hunger campaign again this year, helping to shift the focus on getting to giving at Halloween.


Parent Advocacy Training

DPAC encourages parents and guardians to become volunteer advocates.

The Kootenay Lake DPAC is inviting SD8 parents and guardians interested in becoming a Parent Advocate to attend a free Advocate Training Seminar hosted by DPAC.

The Advocacy 101 – Level One training seminar will take place Monday October 25th 6:00-7:15 pm and a following session, Wednesday November 3rd 6:00-8:30 on zoom.


Halloween Expectations

Halloween is coming and we know that many students will arrive at school in wild, imaginative, and creative costumes! This marks an important time to re-visit our expectations as a district regarding what kind of costumes may be worn at school.

All costumes must:


Daily Health Check - UPDATED

In order to keep our SD8 learning environments safe and inclusive, we are reminding students, staff and other adults (i.e. Visitors) that they are required to complete a daily health check prior to entering a school or worksite. The Daily Health Check helps to reduce the likelihood of individuals coming to a school or any school district work site when ill.

An updated Daily Health Check from the B.C. Ministry of Education (updated September 22nd, 2021) lists what to do when experiencing symptoms of illness.


Stay Informed this year with Schoolkit Hub app

District releases new version of mobile app

September is back to school month for the students and staff of SD8 Kootenay Lake and it is important to keep up to date with the rapidly changing nature of these times. To stay connected and remain informed this 2021-2022 school year, students, parents and guardians are being encouraged to download our district’s Schoolkit Hub mobile app.