Graduation Assessments & Capstone

Graduation Assessments

The province is changing the provincial examination expectations. For the 2018-19 academic year, the only remaining provincial examinations are:

  • English 12
  • Communications 12
  • FRAL 12

In 2019-20, these examinations will be replaced with three provincial assessments:

 These assessments will be written end of semester in January and June. 

Graduation Numeracy Assessment 

This assessment is cross-disciplinary, involving math skills, reading skills, ability to analyze graphs, and critical thinking skills. Results are reported in a 4 point proficiency scale: emerging, developing, proficient, extending.

Students will have up to two opportunities to re-write the Graduation Numeracy Assessment after grade ten. 

To see videos explaining the Graduation Numeracy Assessment, or to try a sample, click here.

Graduation Literacy Assessment

This year, 2018-19, was a pilot year for the Graduation Literacy Assessment. Students currently in Grade 12 (Graduation 2019) will write the English 12 or Communications 12 provincial exam. Students in Grade 11 (Graduation 2020) will most likely write the Grade 10 Graduation Literacy Assessment. More information will be provided as soon as it is available.

For current information on the Graduation Literacy Assessment, click here.

Career Life Connections: Capstone 12 

The Capstone project is a new graduation requirement that will allow students to demonstrate their learning using an area(s) of interest as the basis for the project, ideally an area they are passionate about and/or intend to pursue after graduation.

See the LV Rogers Capstone Fair (January 2019) video below.

Capstone 12 can take several forms including, but not limited to:

  • school or community service projects
  • academic research presentations
  • coaching or volunteering presentation
  • Fitness, nutrition, or athletics projects/presentations 
  • trades or career pathway planning presentation
  • script writing, multi-media, creative writing, art presentations
  • dance, music, theatre, music composition presentations
  • coding, technology, game building models
  • workplace readiness presentation
  • personal interest exploration
  • gap year service leadership exploration

Capstone 12 will prepare students for scholarship presentations and applications, university or college entrance, and will help build their confidence through connecting to an area of personal interest.

For more information on the Career Life Connections Curriculum, click here.