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MLA Style Essay

Essays and Formatting

There are several popular styles to use when writing an essay.  A number of years ago the teachers at L.V. Rogers adopted the MLA(Modern Languages Association) format in order to maintain consistency and standardize writing procedures across grades and subjects. 

Owl Online Writing Lab

You can find the latest information along with sample MLA style essays, sample Works Cited pages, and even ideas about writing, researching, and editing an MLA style essay at Purdue University's Online Writing Lab. Click on any of the various links to each of the specific resources.

All of the above pages can be found at the Online Writing Centre at Purdue University. Many thanks to Purdue University for permission to link and use their terrific resources.


Please see Ms. Martin - I'm hear to review your essay formatting, to answer questions about researching, citing sources, and creating a works cited page.  Happy to help!