Dance Courses

Dance Academy 10/11/12

This intensive 8 credit /two-course program integrates advanced technique classes in ballet and modern dance techniques with the Choreography 10-12 curriculum. 


Prerequisites: Audition and application.         
Structure: The Dance academy program is offered in timetable, backed against Career Education 10/11 and Career Life Connections/Capstone 12. 
Credits: up to 12 credits (if taken with CLE10/11 or CLC 12) 
Program Fee: $400  

Course Credits: 12 course credits for the following:

  • Dance Technique & Performance 10-12 (4 credit),
  • Choreography 10-12 (4 credit),
  • Career Education 10-12 (4 credit). 

Dance Academy integrates advanced technique classes in ballet (RAD) contemporary, jazz and modern dance technique with the Choreography 10-12 curriculum. 

Students will train on pointe 2-3 days per week once technical proficiency is achieved. Emphasis in the course is placed equally on technical proficiency and artistic development. This course provides aspiring dance artists with the tools they need to hone their craft. Participants will be required to work both individually and collaboratively with dance composition theories in processes similar to those used by writers and/or composers. Students will gain experience as performers in a variety of public venues. 

This is an enriched performing arts course; a high level of achievement and commitment is required. Extra rehearsals, master classes and performances outside of class time are considered part of the curriculum. This course will be offered to a maximum of 16 students.  

Former Dance Academy students have gone on to study dance nationally and internationally at the university level.  Graduates have performed and choreographed at pre-professional and professional levels, while others have pursued dance related careers. 

Ms. MacMillan holds a master’s degree in Dance Education from the University of Surrey (UK), and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a Major in Dance from Simon Fraser University. She is also a registered teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance.  

*The fees for this course go directly to individual costume costs. Fees are due by September 30th.  Application forms can be found in the office. 

LVR Dance Academy Course Outline 2022


Dance Company 10/11/12 (Linear - 4 credits)

Recommended Prerequisite Learning: Audition and application. This course is designed for intermediate and advanced dancers in Grades 10-12. This performance-based ensemble will create new works, tour, and attend workshops, festivals and competitions.

Students will be responsible for production tasks throughout the year. This group will meet off timetable on Tuesdays 3:30-5 and Thursdays 3:30-4:30. Additional rehearsals will be required and are considered part of the curriculum. There is a costume fee of $75.00 for this course.

Dance Company Outline

Note: Dance Company should be taken concurrently with either Dance Foundations or Dance Academy.


Dance Co 2016 from Jennifer MacMillan on Vimeo.

Dance Conditioning 11/12 (In timetable - 4 credits)

Recommended Prerequisite Learning: This fine arts course does not require previous experience in dance, though a background in related activities such as figure skating, gymnastics, synchronized swimming or other movement-based arts forms or sport is helpful. This course is participation and not performance based.  

Dance Conditioning introduces to principles of strength and conditioning as they pertain to dance technique. Students will develop an increased amount of strength, technique, and flexibility through the practice of methods such as: Pilates, floor barre, dance specific yoga, dance specific plyometrics, dynamic imagery and movement. Students will be able to recognize and develop their dance skill by understanding and internalizing feedback through sensory (body) awareness, as well as visual and verbal cues. They will develop an in-depth understanding of anatomy and physiology of the human body. Injury prevention, management, and nutrition will be explored as they relate to the development of healthy dancers. As a result, students will be able to articulate their objectives through the use of proper anatomical language as well as understand and articulate how specific conditioning exercises improve dance technique. Ultimately, the knowledge and development of physical and mental skills in this course will enable students to train as a dancer more efficiently. 

This is a BC Ministry of Education approved four credit course.  

Dance Foundations 10/11/12 (In timetable - 4 credits)

Dance classes at LVR offer high energy, dynamic and multi-level classes in hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary dance while grounding participants with solid technique and conditioning exercises. Partnering skills are introduced in a sequential manner. The combination of daily technique and conditioning allows students to develop their abilities quickly and safely in preparation for increasingly complex choreography. All students work towards public performances in a variety of venues. 

Beyond technique and performance, dance education at LVR includes developing a theoretical and practical knowledge base in dance history, choreography, literacy, health, anatomy, world dance, dance related careers and post-secondary opportunities. 

A high level of commitment is required in this course. Extra rehearsals and performances outside of class time are considered part of the curriculum. There is a costume rental fee of $40.00 for this course.