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L.V. Rogers 2023/24 Fee Schedule

STUDENT NAME – please print (first AND last name):____________________________________

CIRCLE GRADE:   10     11     12

Please indicate specifically what courses you are paying for by listing them, if you are paying for more than one course/fee with an online payment.

  • All payments can be made on our website at
  • Debit and credit card payments can also be made in person in the office, with approval from your teacher.  
  • Please make any cheques payable to LV Rogers School
  • We cannot accept e-transfer payments at this time

Please check off course fees and enter the total on “Total” line below.  Please turn in form and payment. 

Fee Specific CoursesApplied skills & fine arts classes, use of school materials for projects/meals.

  • Art/Studio Arts/Drawing/Painting                                  $40.00  o
  • Ceramics                                                                     $60.00  o
  • Dance Company – costume rental                                   $75.00  o
  • Dance Foundations                                                       $40.00  o
  • Drafting – paper/3D printer supplies                               $25.00  o
  • Foods                                                                          $40.00  o
  • Media Arts                                                                   $30.00  o
  • Metal Fabrication                                                         $30.00  o
  • Mountain Bike Program                                                 $100.00  o
  • PE 11/12 Activities Fee                                                  $65.00  o
  • Power Technology/Auto Technology (Mechanics)              $40.00  o
  • Recreation Leadership                                                  $25.00  o
  • Sewing/Textiles/Crafts                                                 $30.00  o
  • Trades Skills Exploration                                               $40.00  o
  • Woodwork/Carpentry                                                   $50.00  o

Optional Resources or Rentals

  • Band – optional instrument rental                       $100.00   o




  • Biology 12 workbook – optional purchase               $23.00  o
  • Biology 11 workbook – optional purchase                $23.00  o
  • Foundations of Math 10-12 – optional purchase       $25.00  o 
  • Pre-Calculus 11 – optional purchase                      $25.00  o 
  • Pre-Calculus 12 – optional purchase                      $25.00  o 
  • Calculus 12 – optional purchase                                              
  • There is no charge for Workplace Math 10-12 workbooks

ATLAS Academy

  • ATLAS Academy                                                             $500.00 o


The current year’s Grad committee will determine graduation activities/costs.  This is generally determined by winter break and will be communicated to Graduating students and parents/guardians.

Extra-Curricular activities: (NOTE:  status of Extra Curricular activities is still to be determined)

  • There will be fees for participating in team sports (e.g.: soccer, field hockey, volleyball, basketball etc.) which are determined by the coach/teacher at the start of each activities. Fees are not a set amount but are determined by the amount of participation and travel each team does.  There are basic team fees, which often include travel to other towns, and if the team goes to a Provincial team activity, there will be extra fees to cover costs for the trip.
  • Some school clubs may also have fees.   The group determines these fees.  There may also be jersey deposits for teams, which will be returned to students when team jerseys are returned in good condition at the end of the season.
  • There may be other optional student trips through the school year that include fees.

Families needing financial assistance should contact Principal, Dan Rude at  for consideration of options to:

  • defer payment with a set due date
  • make payments over time
  • arrange post-dated cheques
  • grant a partial or full waiver of fees

LV Rogers Fee Schedule complies with…