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LV Rogers Secondary School Extended Absences for 2023-24                cid:image001.png@01D3E6B9.03828520                

It is important for our school to know when students will be absent, including but not limited to, extended absences. 

Extended absences are those that are 3 days or more in length.

Parents/Guardians, please complete the Extended Absence Form on the next page and submit to Principal, Dan Rude, by email at - or by delivering a hard copy to the office. 


For known extended absences of 5 or more days, please be sure to submit this form at least two weeks in advance.

Please note that extended absences are likely to impact students’ education due to missed instruction, the social nature of learning, hands-on learning experiences, timely assessments, and safety demonstrations.

For an extended absence due to injury, illness, or emergent family issues, Academic Counsellors & Administration will work with Classroom Teachers, Inclusion Support Teachers, and our School-Based Team to determine an interim plan to reduce the impact on the student’s education. These plans will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

For an extended absence due to family holidays or vacations when school is in session, please note that Classroom Teachers are not obligated to provide work and/or pre-teach or post-teach materials.  Although we do use many online tools to support student learning, our classes are not intended to be delivered remotely. Therefore, achievement and academic standing will likely be impacted.

For curricular or extra-curricular field trips, please have your student pick up an Extra-Curricular Travel Form at the Office.

Please visit the following for more information.

Thank you,

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Dan Rude – Principal, LV Rogers Secondary School


LV Rogers Secondary School Extended Absence Form

  • Student Full Name: ____________________________________________  
  • Grade: _______10  _______11 _______12
  • Parent/Guardian Name & Contact Information (email and/or phone number): _____________________________________________________________                              
  • Parent/Guardian Contact (email or phone): ______________________________________________________________
  • Dates of Absence: ________________________________________________________________________________
  • Reason for Absence (please check off below)
  • Medical (provide medical note to Office)
  • Emergent Family Issue
  • Vacation
  • Other

Explanation for Absence:






­Table below to completed by office staff


Class & Teacher’s Name

Teacher’s Signature















Parent/Guardian Signature                                                             LVR Administration Signature