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ATLAS is a place based, outdoor education academy that predominantly takes place in outdoor and wilderness settings.  It is a “career prep” course designed for students who have a strong personal interest in adventure recreation or a desire to seek employment in any of the related fields of adventure tourism. 

The educational philosophy in ATLAS blends academic study (lecture, reading, writing, etc.) with an experiential or “learn by doing” approach.

Students participate in a variety of group-based activities and adventures that emphasize leadership, team-building, and risk management.


Course Goals

  1. Introduce students to technical skills and the decision making required for safe wilderness travel. 
  2. Provide students an opportunity to develop and practice leadership skills in the outdoor arena that will lead to more self reliance, resiliency, and self discipline. 
  3. Team building - through various activities students will have the opportunity to work closely with others and work towards common goals.
  4. Provide students with basic certification required for employment in the field of Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Tourism.

Course Credits

  • P.E. 12 (4 credits)
  • Adventure Tourism Leadership and Safety (8 credits)
  • Career Life Connections (CLC) (4 credits)

    Total: 16 credits

Learning Outcomes

  • demonstrate a level of skill performance for a specific activity
  • assess, and maintain personal fitness using principles of training
  • demonstrate a willingness to participate in a wide range of activities 
  • apply leadership skills and decision making related to activity
  • demonstrates an ability for self reflection and personal challenge
  • demonstrates personal management, professionalism, preparedness and independence
  • select and apply rules, and procedures of safety in a variety of settings
  • demonstrate code of responsible behaviour in the outdoor environment


Accredited Certification Acquired

A number of accredited certifications are offered in ATLAS.  These certificates are provided by internationally recognized organizations: Canadian Red Cross, Avalanche Canada, and Paddle Canada. 

Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 (Avalanche Canada)
An AST 1 course is where you’ll learn the fundamentals of travelling in avalanche terrain. 

Companion Rescue Skills (Avalanche Canada)
A Companion Rescue Skills course is a must-have for all backcountry recreationists in any winter sport, because it teaches life-saving search and rescue techniques. 

Managing Avalanche Terrain (Avalanche Canada)
MAT is a very focused field-based course designed to expand on the terrain management taught in AST 1. This course will help you develop more advanced winter backcountry travel skills and mitigate your risk by honing your terrain evaluation and travel skills.

Lakewater Canoeing (Recreational Canoeing Association of BC) Basic Paddler - Level 1
The RCABC Lakewater Program covers fundamental canoeing skills and is the foundation for all other types of canoeing. Whether your goal is going on your first canoe camping trip, leading kids and youth in outdoor pursuits, canoe instruction or guiding, to build the skills to go on a wilderness whitewater expedition....

Canoe Tripping Leader
The RCABC Canoe Tripping Leader course is intended to build sufficient skills and confidence to become the leader of a group doing a multi-day wilderness canoe trip.

Bear Awareness - Grant Mcutcheon

Advanced Wilderness and Remote First (Canadian Red Cross)
Comprehensive first aid and CPR techniques for those who need a higher level of training to work and respond to emergencies in isolated or wilderness settings. Training is also suitable for those who act as guides or supervisors for groups of people. The course covers material in Standard First Aid & CPR, plus advanced strategies for providing extended care for more than 24 hours. Part of the course is taught in an outdoor setting and requires greater physical activity and endurance than typical first aid training.

Key Study Areas/Modules

  • Outdoor Living
  • Minimum Impact Camping
  • Hiking/Snow Travel
  • Backcountry Navigation
  • Avalanche Skills Training
  • Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Advanced Wilderness First Aid and CPR
  • Rock Climbing
  • Canoeing Skills
  • Canoe Expedition Skills
  • Survival Skills
  • Bear Awareness
  • Environmental/Community Service and Educational Outreach