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Grad 2024!
  • LVR Grad 2024 Weekend Details Poster 
  • Cap & Gown Ceremony will NOT need tickets this year after confirming seating capacity with NDCC
  • Fees to be paid either through or in-person to Secretary Arlene.  All fees can be paid in one lump sum with a clear Description of Payment.
    • $35 - Grad Hoodie - samples will be available to try on at lunch on Thursday, April 18 in the front foyer.
    • $22 - Grad Yearbook
    • $60 - Fees for events organized and fundraised for by parent committee
      • Several families have plainly stated to the parent committee that they are not able to volunteer for any fundraisers this year and would rather pay more.  To these parents, the parent committee is asking for $100 in order to help cover funds that have been raised by others. 
      • Grad fees cover Cap & Gown rental and ceremony costs, NDCC rental, cavalcade permits and Samba band gratuity, Prestige Gala Event, GradsBC photo package and Trolley rental, decorations for these events and many more miscellaneous items.
  • March 7 Grad Assembly Notes
  • Photos Slideshow for Start of Cap & Gown Ceremony
    • click link to view details on how to submit your photos
    • DUE MAY 1st, the sooner the better 
    • Please send photos of the student individually for each of the 3 photos 
  • Valedictorian nomination & voting process - coming soon...