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Scholarship Season Cometh! February to April is when most scholarship applications are open.

District Scholarship Page - Read This!

(Also posted in the Grad 2024 Google Classroom)

  • Community Type 1 Scholarships - These scholarships are mostly controlled by the school with one application (google survey) which will open in February for three weeks). 
    • Action tip: Review the scholarships and check out the criteria - include this information in the survey when you apply.  Many of these are not based fully on academic marks. Deadline: April 12, 2024
  • Community Type 2 Scholarships - These scholarships are all different with varying deadlines and each one with its own application, typically directly to the donors
    • Action Tip:  Go through these scholarships and see if you qualify, download the application and complete. Pay attention to details and put the deadlines in your phone. Deadline: varies
  • District Authority Scholarships - These scholarships are district-run and available across SD8 schools.
    • Action Tip: Listen to the virtual district briefing (on our website link) and pay attention to all aspects of the application. Application, reference, three-year grad plan, transcript Deadline: mid-April